Galaxy Montessori

Key Experiences
Creative representation
- Imitation, recognition, role-playing
Language and literacy
- Talking, describing, scribbling, dictating stories
Social Relations & initiative
- Making choices, problem-solving, relationship-building
- Bending, running, dancing
- Singing, playing instruments
- Describing shapes, sorting, matching
- Arranging in order
- Counting
- Filling, emptying
- Starting, stopping, sequencing
High Scope Methods
Children acquire knowledge best by pursuing their personal interests and goals.
Students learning within the High Scope settings, are encouraged to make choices about materials and activities throughout the day. Moreover, as they pursue their choices and plans, they explore, ask and answer questions, solve problems and interact with classmates and teachers. In this kind of environment, students naturally engage in “Key Experiences” activities that foster developmentally important skills and abilities.
Our Staff
Our qualified and caring staff are dedicated to inspire your children utilizing the Real Montessori methods.
Our head teachers are all Montessori certified.
Our curriculum includes all Montessori activities plus music, creative arts and athletic programs.
Each class is staffed with at-least two English speaking and one French speaking teacher.
Further to multilingual programs we also provide other extra curricular activities such as music, art and physical education to nourish the mind and body. Children are exposed to these programs as part of our standard package, thus every parent can expose their children to their full potential from the early years.
Our management team is MACTE certified with over 25 years of experience in child psychology and child care.
Classroom Structure
Our classrooms have been engineered with the safety and security of each child in mind.
Each classroom is decorated to provide an ambiance of comfort and relaxation, all to enable a childs focus on learning